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Oct 21, 2015

Baltik Vairas returns back to the Lithuanian market

The biggest bicycle producer in Northern Europe Baltik Vairas returns to the Lithuanian market. A showroom-store of Baltik Vairas and an office has been opened in shopping mall Nordika located in Vilnius. Bicyclists will be able to choose their new bikes out of 50 models including bikes for larger and taller people, also evaluate the new collection for year 2017.

“Our return to the Lithuanian market is a tribute to the country in which Baltik Vairas was established and evolved to 300 thousand bikes per year manufacturer. The goals of this return is to establish a better connection with the end user and be present in capital of Lithuania to attract new talents to work for the company. Therefore today we are opening a showroom-store and office in Vilnius. In parallel we want to strengthen our partnerships with local distributors of our production,” CEO of Baltik Vairas, Peter Jensby said.

According to him, the sales of Baltik Vairas in Lithuania constitute around 2% of total sales, while Germany, Holland, and Denmark is and will remain the core markets for company‘s production.

The company also will present global tendencies for the next season as well some of them reflected in 2017 collection. “Generally, if we look what local market needs, Lithuania is divided in parts – one part consists of people who look for stylish urban bikes, while another one is looking for crossover bikes, and the third one represents extremely fast growing demand for e-bikes”, continues Peter Jensby.

It has been observed also that similarly as in other European countries, here in Lithuania is a clear need for bikes which can comfortably be ridden by taller and larger people. In response to this Baltik Vairas has developed bike with enhanced elements, such as double rims, stronger parts and components for people with special requests. In celebration of the opening of the new store and office in Vilnius one of these bikes will be presented to the 4 time winner of the
World's Strongest Man competition Žydrūnas Savickas – a person who weighs 170 kg and has a height of 191 cm.

“It is important for us to not only hear and understand the needs of our clients, but also to cherish the right values” says P. Jensby. Therefore, during the official office opening reception Baltik Vairas will sign a yearlong support for road bicycle team, who organizes annual Road Cup Race on a national level. Baltik Vairas brand store – exhibition is a 180 sq. metres area and office space with 4 ergonomic workplaces. It is planned to double the number of workplaces in future.