Our website uses visitor behaviour monitoring technologies – trackers and cookies, therefore, please find an explanation on how they work and how to remove them.

General information about cookies and other website monitoring technologies

Cookies are small files temporary stored on your device’s hard drive that allow us to recognise you during your next visit on the website, save your browsing history, preferences, customise content, also, speed up website searches, create user-friendly website environment, present it in a more effective and reliable manner. Cookies are a standard website browsing practice facilitating the use of the website.

Websites use own and/or third party cookies. By function, cookies are classified as:

  • Technical cookies. These cookies activate main website browsing or access functions. Without these cookies, website will not function properly.
  • Functional cookies.These cookies help the website remember information affecting its functioning and appearance, for example, language selected by the visitor or region of location.
  • Statistical cookies collect anonymous information and provide reports about it, which then are used by the owners of the website to learn how the visitors use the website.
  • Marketing or advertising cookies. They are used to track visitors on many websites in order to introduce customized advertisements. They also limit the number of advertisements displayed and help assess the efficiency of advertising campaigns. Usually, these are third party advertiser cookies.

According to the validity period, cookies are grouped into session and long-term cookies.

There are two type cookies, depending on the location where the cookie was created:

  • First-party or own cookies created on the website you are visiting.
  • Third party cookies are created by other websites. These third party websites own certain content of the website you are visiting, e.g. advertisements or images.

Trackers are a type of cookies which forward visitor’s browsing activity report together with his/her IP address to third party database for analysis which is usually done for the purposes of marketing.

Visitor behaviour monitoring technologies used in this website

Cookies we use do not contain any personal data of the user and are not used for the purposes of identification. Information collected through the cookies will be used for statistical analysis of use of our website.

Information about cookies used on our website, their validity and purposes of use is presented in the table below:

Cookie name  Creation moment  Validity period  Cookie function Description of use 
_gat At the beginning of the browsing session 1 minute Technical Google Analytics cookie used to increase the speed of inquiries.
_gid During first visit on the website 24 hours Statistical Google Analytics cookie collects information about the number of visits on the website within the last 24 hours.
_ga During first visit on the website 2 years Statistical Google Analytics cookie collects information about the number of visits on the website from personal computer.

This website uses one Jquerycdn tracker, which speeds up Java-created websites and forwards your browsing activity report collected through the cookies together with IP address created anew for this session to Google Analytics. No information that identifies you directly on this site is collected or transferred to third parties.

How to change cookie settings?

Usually, browser settings allow the use of cookies, but the user can change them and opt out of the use of cookies. As a result of such changes, certain sections of the website may not work at all or may work improperly. To disable the collection of cookies, users of mobile devices should follow device settings.

The use of cookies on your browser can be disabled by following instructions provided here:

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Safari browser

Further useful information about cookies can be found at:

BALTIK VAIRAS, UAB Privacy Policy can be accessed here.