Here at Baltik Vairas we care about the environment and sustainability, as a bicycle manufacturer we feel responsible and want to be part of a brighter future. In every working process and branch of company, BaltikVairas is making a conscious effort to ensure that environment and sustainability is always a priority. 

We work towards constant improvements in all the aspects:

-     We want all of our suppliers to be certified and care about the environment, our standardization of suppliers is going to be a step that ensures this.

-     We are also working towards integrating sustainable thinking in our company, meaning that we are teaching our employees to be responsible and do their part in our struggle.

 We as a manufacturer of green transport feel obligated to do our best in creating a better World, by thinking one step ahead of our competitors and becoming “best in class”. The vision of a sustainable World is what drives us forward together with you!

  • Recycling policies

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    Clear recycling policies - we use carton packages which are made only of recyclable material and all waste from packaging and other sources is being recycled and properly disposed.
  • Water based paint

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    We use only water based paint and dry filters.
  • Euro 5 standard

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    We require all our logistic partners to follow Euro 5 standard assuring that CO2 emissions are as low as possible.
  • TÜV, ISO, EN

    We apply either TÜV, ISO and/or EN standards, meaning that high quality, safety, and long life time is what matters for us.
  • Green Energy

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    We use only electrical energy produced by renewable resources. It is our duty to take part in creating a clean and sustainable World.
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