Modern production

Modern manufacturing lines. For top quality. Better performance.

  • Painting

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    Painting and Decor is another passion and unique competence of BALTIK VAIRAS. Following the electrostatic painting methods. WATER BASED PAINT. For the state-of-the-art painting. POWDER CLEAR COATING. As highest industry standard.
  • Decor

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    Painting together with decor is focus and passion of BALTIK VAIRAS: The paint is delivered from the best European paint manufacturers - the colours are original and their unique shade is not changing during the whole painting and décor process. Powder lacquer is used to obtain both glossy and mat effects for exquisite look. Decals are carefully selected from worldwide suppliers and transferred in two ways: either on top of or under the lacquer. In 2011 additional investments were made to enable the accurate use of technology of water based decals.
  • Wheels line

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    Wheel building line was modernized and partly automated in 2019 - to ensure the high quality and manufacturing efficiency. Six wheel assembling lines operate together with two spoke stringing machines, and wheel aligning Robot Quattro, with four operating hands.
  • Assembly line

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    During the season peak time there are 6 fully operating lines in BALTIK VAIRAS. Depending on the complexity of the bicycle, in one line might by manufactured from 250 to 350 bicycles per day. Following the very high quality standards applied to the bicycles, electric and pneumatic tools are used for the assembling. At the very end each and every bicycle is tested. The quality staff is involved into continuous training program. To get updates on time.
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